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How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact HR

AI is revolutionizing the HR industry, providing new opportunities to streamline processes and improve the employee experience. According to Averbook, AI can transform HR in three key areas: Recruitment, engagement, and retention.


AI is changing the way organizations find and hire new talent. Recruitment software powered by AI can sift through resumes, shortlist candidates, and even conduct initial interviews. This process saves time and increases efficiency, allowing HR professionals to focus on the more strategic aspects of the hiring process, such as building relationships with potential candidates and developing an employer brand that attracts top talent.


AI-powered chatbots are becoming increasingly popular in HR, helping organizations engage their employees more personalized and responsively. Chatbots can answer common HR questions, provide information about employee benefits and policies, and even conduct surveys to gather feedback from employees. This technology can also assist in creating tailored development plans for employees based on their skills, interests, and career aspirations.


AI can help organizations identify which employees are at risk of leaving by analyzing data such as their job satisfaction, performance, and engagement levels. By using predictive analytics, HR professionals can take proactive measures to improve retention, such as offering development opportunities or adjusting compensation packages. AI can also be used to create personalized career paths for employees, helping them to feel valued and motivated to stay with the organization long-term.

However, Averbook notes that implementing AI in HR requires a mindset shift. HR professionals must be willing to embrace technology and collaborate with IT professionals to develop and implement AI solutions. They must also ensure that the technology is used ethically and transparently, with a focus on enhancing the employee experience rather than replacing human interaction entirely.

AI can truly transform HR, making processes more efficient, engaging, and personalized. By embracing this technology, HR professionals can focus on the more strategic aspects of their role and improve the overall employee experience. However, it is important to remember that AI should be used as a tool to enhance, not replace, human interaction in the workplace.

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